Top Instagram Photo Ops at The Bella Downtown

Instagram Photo Opps at The Bella Downtown

Top Instagram Photo Ops at The Bella Downtown

Welcome to The Bella Downtown, the Gulf Coast’s newest rental experience and every photo lover’s dream spot!

From sun-kissed balconies to pop culture classics, every corner of The Bella provides a picture-perfect backdrop. Discover the Top 10 hidden gems and photo-worthy spots that will make your stay at The Bella unforgettable with every click. So, grab a camera and strike your best pose as we reveal the most Instagram-worthy locations at The Bella.

“Slept at The Bella” Neon Sign

Proof of stay! Our “Slept at The Bella” Neon Sign is conveniently located in the main lobby to the right of the front doors to snap a pic as you arrive or on your way out. Strike a pose, flaunt your stay and make your followers want to be at The Bella. You know the drill – pics or it didn’t happen! 

Bella Monument Sign

CIAO BELLA! Our iconic red BELLA monument sign is an absolute selfie superstar for guests and passersby alike as you can’t miss its grand presence on our front lawn. It’s a vibrant beacon of style and hospitality that welcomes you with open arms. So why not snap a pic with BELLA and share the love with your followers? It’s the perfect spot to make a statement and capture your stay in style. Get ready to strike a pose because the BELLA monument is waiting to be your picture-perfect partner in crime!The Bella Monument is a good photo opp.


Moke Ride

Get ready to rev up your social media game and snap some electrifying selfies with our Mokes! We believe riding around in style is an essential part of the Gulf Coast experience, so all Bella Babes have access to rent our two Mokes during the entirety of their stay. There are endless spots on the Gulf Coast for a perfect selfie, and they’re all just a quick ride away on a Moke!

Live like Leo – Gatsby Cheers

Photo opportunities at The Bella Downtown

Step into the roaring ’20s and capture the glamour of the era with our “Gatsby Cheers” painting! It’s like a snapshot from one of his infamous parties, and you’re the guest of honor. Pose alongside this masterpiece and channel your inner Gatsby for some seriously fun selfies. Grab your phone, raise your own virtual glass and toast to capturing the magic of the past with a modern-day twist!

Live like Leo or the Gatsby himself during your stay – cheers!

Bathroom Selfie

Elevate your selfie game at The Bella with our high-tech bathroom mirrors. These mirrors are like your personal selfie assistants, with perfect lighting and style that’ll make your photos pop.

Whether you’re getting ready for a night out or simply feeling fabulous, our mirrors are the ideal companions for striking a pose and capturing those dazzling moments. Get ready for some bathroom mirror magic and take your selfies to a whole new level!

Bathroom selfie
Instagram bathroom selfie

Good Vibes Chair

Good vibes – and good selfies – only! This comfy spot is tucked away in the perfect corner for an impromptu photoshoot where the mood and the vibes are just right.

Kick back your feet and stay a while…or as long as it takes to get the perfect pic!

The Good Vibes Chair at The Bella Downtown

Shared Upstairs Lounge

When it’s selfie time at The Bella, don’t miss our shared common area with comfy sofas and a flatscreen TV. There’s no better space to capture those relaxed, chilled-out moments with your friends. Sink into the couch, snap a selfie and share the good times with your followers!

A great photo opp at The Bella Downtown

Marilyn Monroe Bubblegum

When life gives you bubbles…you take selfies, of course!

Strike a pose next to this pop culture classic, and you’re in for some seriously fun and unforgettable selfies. The epitome of charm and whimsy, it’s the ultimate backdrop for those Insta-worthy moments. Pucker up, snap a pic and blow away the competition with the perfect shot! Take it to the next level by staying in our Blonde Bombshell suite.


The best selfie spots at The Bella? It’s got to be your own private balcony or courtyard just outside your room! Whether you’re enjoying your morning coffee or stargazing at night, these spaces are perfect for capturing the quiet, special moments. With the stunning views and charming ambiance, you’ll have your followers in awe. So, snap away right from your room – your Instagram game just got a major upgrade!

Balcony at The Bella
Downstairs balcony at The Bella

The Vault

Step aside, Taylor Swift, because The Bella has its very own vault right in the heart of the building…with a twist! The old bank vault turned into a private sitting area in our café, the Brew Paddle. It’s like stepping back in time with its vintage decor and cozy vibes. Take your photos here to capture the unique mix of old-school charm and modern comfort. Whether you’re sipping a coffee or just hanging out with friends, don’t forget to snap some pics in this awesome space during your stay!

Gif of the Brew Paddle Cafe


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Good Vibes Chair

Good Vibes Chair

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